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Automatic Quantitative Liquid, Oil, Filling Machine 10Kg/Min – Versatile for All Liquids, oil HD1610 Professional



Liquid Filling Machine HD1610

Unleash Efficiency with the HD1610 Industrial Liquid Filler
Maximize your production line’s efficiency with the HD1610 Automatic Filling Machine. Engineered for precision and versatility, this liquid filler is an indispensable asset for industries handling beverages, essential oils, cleaning detergents, or agricultural chemicals. Achieve lightning-fast filling rates of up to 10kg per minute.
Robust Power and Precision-Liquid Filling Machine HD1610
Boasting a formidable 100W motor and operating within an AC110V-220V range, the HD1610 is the epitome of reliable performance. Its advanced weighing system handles a range from 10g to 10Kg with an impressive precision of 3‰.
Versatile for a Range of Liquids
Moreover, The HD1610 is not just a machine; it’s a solution. From thick, viscous liquids to pure fluids, this machine’s adaptability makes it perfect for a myriad of applications, including alcoholic beverages, dairy products .
Designed for Optimal User Experience
Every detail of the HD1610 is crafted for ease of use. The intuitive LED display pairs with a straightforward operation panel for hassle-free handling, while customizable settings let you tailor the filling process to your specific needs. Its compact design ensures it fits comfortably in any workspace, complemented by a water outlet pipe and lifting bracket for operational convenience. The inclusion of a leak-proof tray reaffirms our commitment to a mess-free environment.
Automate Your Filling Process
Incorporate automated efficiency into your workflow with features like automatic peeling, filling, and an auto-shutoff function, designed to conserve both time and labor.
At last,Invest in the HD1610 Liquid Filling Machine and transform your production efficiency. With its reliable construction, speed, and precision, this machine is more than just an equipment upgrade — it’s a smart business strategy poised to yield returns on investment. Elevate your output with the HD1610, where functionality meets innovation.


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