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Commercial Ice Maker High Capacity 70KG/24H Ice cube Machine for Restaurants & Business

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Elevating operational efficiency, the Hicon High-Capacity Commercial Ice Maker stands as an indispensable asset for busy restaurants and cafes. It boasts a high production rate, delivering 70 kilograms of ice per 24 hours, paired with an impressive storage capacity. Fast and reliable, the ice maker produces ice within 10-20 minutes, meeting the swift pace of commercial demands.

Introducing smart operation, the ice maker comes with an intuitive display for easy control and scheduling. The pre-setting function allows for planned ice production, adding convenience to daily operations. Further enhancing usability, an automatic wash mode ensures hygiene without extra effort.

Adapting to varying needs, this machine offers adjustable ice thickness, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether for delicate cocktail presentations or robust cooling, there’s a size for every scenario. It’s a versatile choice, allowing for thin, medium, and thick ice cubes.

Prioritizing energy efficiency, the machine features an overnight ice-making function. This ensures a fresh batch is ready during peak hours while conserving energy. It’s a smart way to manage resources, saving both time and energy.

Utilizing eco-friendly technology, the machine’s compressor supports rapid cooling. The air-cooling system helps conserve water, and it operates quietly, minimizing noise pollution. It’s an eco-conscious addition to any commercial kitchen.

Offering versatility in water filling, it accommodates three methods: direct tap, bottled water, or connected supply. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into various kitchen setups. The design is robust, with a thickened insulation layer, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

The Hicon Commercial Ice Maker is more than a machine; it’s a commitment to quality and sustainable operation. It’s tailored for the food and beverage industry’s rhythm, providing efficiency and innovative features. Choose the Hicon Commercial Ice Maker to optimize service and exceed customer expectations.


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