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Automatic Garlic Peeler Machine, Commercial Electric Garlic Peeling Machine, Small Fully-Automatic Garlic Peeling Device



Experience the epitome of culinary efficiency with our top-tier Automatic Garlic Peeler Machine, innovatively designed to upgrade your kitchen’s garlic peeling process. Engineered with a state-of-the-art core technology, this commercial-grade electric peeler is the key to streamlining your food preparation.

**Core Advantages:**
– **Upgraded Technology:** A robust motor powers through peeling tasks, significantly reducing time and effort.
– **Solid Construction:** A durable, food-grade stainless steel body withstands corrosion, promising longevity and sustained performance.
– **Peeling Efficiency:** A specialized separation leaf plate ensures each clove is peeled quickly and cleanly.
– **Ease of Use:** The machine’s design allows for whole cloves to be peeled without the need for pre-crushing, making it incredibly straightforward to operate.
– **Long-Term Operation:** A sizable radiator effectively dissipates heat, enhancing the machine’s durability and lifespan.
– **Operational Safety:** Designed with user safety in mind, it includes an anti-touch switch and anti-slip mats, coupled with a Malaysia plug for regional compatibility.
– Size: Compact footprint with 24x24x48 cm dimensions.
– Weight: A lightweight design at 8.5 kg.
– Power: An efficient 200W motor capable of handling large batches.
Moreover, Ideal for both commercial and home kitchens, this Automatic Garlic Peeler Machine is a game-changer for restaurants. It stands as a testament to convenience, eliminating the tediousness of manual peeling. The machine’s exquisite metal drawing technology not only accents your kitchen with a touch of sophistication.
At last, Upgrade to this Automatic Garlic Peeler for a swift, sanitary, and superior peeling experience. Embrace the innovation that merges traditional culinary practices with modern convenience, and let this machine become an indispensable part of your kitchen arsenal. With this peeler, you’re not just investing in a tool; you’re investing in a new standard of kitchen efficiency.


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